Limited Edition Lavender

Floss Bobbins - 4 Pack

Millions of teeth cleaned
Lifetime warranty
Clinically backed
Ambassador exclusive
A 4-Pack of replacement floss bobbins for your BURST floss kit.

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BURST Travel Case
A 4-Pack of replacement floss bobbins for your BURST floss kit.

Mint Eucalyptus
You pay today: £14

Why our Floss is boss

Our Floss boldly goes where no other floss has been before, expanding between teeth upon contact with saliva. Deep cleaning and developed with BURST Ambassador Dental Professionals, it's an oral care Holy Grail.
Expanding technology
Saliva makes our floss expand. That means more surface area to give a deeper clean. Gums rejoice!
Charcoal black coating
Adsorbs (we promise that’s a word) coffee, wine, and other lingering stains from your teeth.
See what you clean
Our black Refillable Floss lets you see all the crud hiding between your teeth.
Environmentally conscious
Our case is reusable and comes with a lifetime guarantee. The koalas will love you for using it.

Stain removing coating

Adsorbs coffee, wine and other hard to remove stains from your teeth.

Textured and expandable

Our floss expands on contact with saliva to give you a clean that’ll impress your dentist.

See the results

With our black floss you’ll get the instant satisfaction of seeing what comes out from between your teeth, yum!

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