BURST Expanding Floss


What makes BURST Floss the best:

  • Professionals choice: Clinically proven textured Refillable Floss to remove up to 85% of plaque on tooth surfaces the toothbrush cannot reach*
  • Immediately see results: Unique black coloring means you’ll literally see the plaque and debris you’ll pull from your mouth - juicy!
  • Stain removing charcoal coating: Adsorbs (yes that really is a word) coffee, wine and other hard to remove stains from your teeth.
  • Refillable floss case: Replacement bobbins direct to your door every three months. No more throwing out plastic: keep your beautiful BURST floss case forever.
Includes: floss case and 4 floss bobbins

 per pack of 4 floss bobbins

Reusable case reduces waste

Ever thought about how many plastic floss cases end up in landfills? We thought about it too. That’s why we made our floss cases reusable—when your refill arrives, recycle the empty bobbin and drop the new one in. Easy peasy!

What's all this about "adsorption"?

Not to be confused with absorption, adsorption sounds like magic but is just chemistry: in our case, the charcoal coating’s adsorptive properties pull chemical remnants of stains on your teeth up to the surface, where they can be flossed, rinsed, and brushed away with ease. We geek out over this stuff.

Match or mix it up

BURST your way. Want to match your brush to your floss case? No? You’d rather have a black, white, and rose gold rainbow of BURST goodies? We won’t stop you.

Exquisite Aromas

Our expanding floss has just the right amount of sweet mint eucalyptus. meaning you’ll have fresh breath and squeaky clean teeth.

Mint Eucalyptus Aroma

Fun fact: Koalas dig eucalyptus — a lot. We get it. That fresh, earthy, slightly sweet aroma is intoxicating. So we put it in our floss, freshened it up with a bit of mint and made the most delightful floss out there.